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Acetate Rayon Satin Cloth A4 Self Adhesive Laser Labels


CopyPlus+ SATIN is a white, self adhesive cloth made of Acetate rayon fibre with a siliconised paper release liner, in A4 sheets, dye cut in a range of attractive label sizes.

CopyPlus+ SATIN self adhesive, pressure sensitive label sheets are designed for printing in laser printers, colour laser and photocopiers. Be sure to follow the printer manufacturer's manual for instructions. CopyPlus+ SATIN laser label sheets are also suitable for offset printing and the label surface will also accept ball point pens and felt tip pens. The adhesive is permanent.


CopyPlus+ SATIN white acetate rayon textile woven cloth fabric labels are recommended for high quality flexible labels for application on products such as furniture, shoe insoles, mattresses, sports goods, textiles, rubber products and conference lapel badges (business visitors, seminars, conferences, trade fairs, factory tours, etc.), and other descriptive and decorative labelling applications.


Standard Label Sizes

Article No.

Label Size mm

Labels per sheet  

80 x 40 12 (Labels with rounded corners) Single A4 sheets available.*

64 x 37 21 (Labels with rounded corners) Single A4 sheets available.*

210 x 297 1 (Back slit release liner for easy label removal) Single A4 sheets available.*


Please Note

  • * Quantity discounts for 50 sheets per order: -5%.

  • Other label sizes available on request.



  • CopyPlus+ SATIN acetate rayon self adhesive labels are not suitable for inkjet printers.

  • The adhesive may cause staining when applied on leather, suede, silk or other sensitive substrates. We recommend testing before use.


Pricing and Further Information

  • The price for CopyPlus+ SATIN acetate rayon self adhesive laser label sheets is CHF6.50 per A4 sheet, excluding packaging, shipping costs and VAT..

  • Quantity discounts : please contact us.

  • More information in our product sheet and in our catalogue.

  • Special conditions for dealers / resellers. Please contact us.


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For more information, enquiries, samples and orders, please contact us.