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CopyTack and DataTack Self Adhesive Labels

CopyTack and DataTack are the quality self adhesive labels designed for use in all colour and monochrome copiers, laser printers, inkjet printers, and photocopiers.

CopyTack and DataTack labels are available in a range of popular sizes, supplied in boxes of 100 or 200 sheets. Sheet size is European A4, 210 x 297 mm., (8.27 x 11.69 inches).


Environmentally Friendly CopyTack and DataTack Labels ...

Not only is every sheet of CopyTack and DataTack labels made with 100% recycled paper, but also the siliconised release liner is manufactured with a 50% recycled paper content.


CopyTack and DataTack labels Save you Time and Money...


Save Money:

Careful manufacture of every sheet of CopyTack and DataTack labels coupled with the latest adhesives technology protects and lengthens the life of your printer drum, thus lowering your print costs. Compare this with other label brands where adhesive "bleed" can cause ugly spots to appear on prints leading to frequent drum changes and higher costs.


Save Time:

Consistently precise dye cutting allows fast and easy label removal from the backing sheet.


Save Money:

Reduce your supplies inventory :

  • CopyTack and DataTack labels work successfully on all sheet-fed office printers; not only laser printers, inkjet and copiers, but even on sensitive modern colour copiers and printers. CopyTack and DataTack labels also work fine in offset printing machines.

  • CopyTack and DataTack's special all purpose adhesive sticks to virtually any surface, yet allows removability in most applications.


Save Time:

Unlike other label stock, CopyTack and DataTack labels can be run from your printer's cassette on most models, thus saving operator time with single sheet feeds.


Save Money, Save Time:

Forget time wasting and costly printer down times caused by label sheets blocking in your machine. You know how bothersome and wasteful this can be, particularly when long print runs are involved.

CopyTack and DataTack labels won't get stuck in your printer as they are manufactured with care and precision to consistently high standards.

Tested and approved by all major printer manufacturers, CopyTack and DataTack labels simply run and run and run... no problem.


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